Friday, 17 July 2009

Rites of passage

Ok, so I know someone's supposed to do it to you while you lie in a gentle pile of boozed-up bliss, but I had to do it to myself. Sad.

I shaved off my eyebrows.

Well I've got this trimmy gizmo and the girl on the telly did her eyebrows with it and they didn't fall off *sniff*. Mine did. Note to self; the tweezers that took off half an eyebrow with a fibro-jerk at New Year are as Nothing compared to a trimmy thing and the fibro-shakes.

After hours of practising drawing on Greta Garbo eyebrows (heaven; at least they didn't look like Groucho's any more) I itched and rubbed them off just before kissing Little Master good night. It doesn't take much to freak him out after dark; I remembered just in time and drew them back on before kissing him and tucking him in.

This morning, 3 or 4 days after the Eyebrow Event, I have just enough 5 o'clock shadow to look almost like I've almost got eyebrows back again. So I forgot and he begged me to put on my Angry Face (aka my glasses) because my eyes looked "sunk in and freaky". I didn't put him right; I just put my glasses on. And now I have flu (I can oink but it ain't compulsory) I don't have to see anyone until I have real ones again.

The good news is - at least I can see now what lines I want to grow them back into. So I can shave with impunity (but only on fibro-free days, if such a beast exists) and only grow back that facial hair which I want.

Another of Life's Lessons Learnt, albeit somewhat belatedly.

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