Friday, 8 October 2010

Just a perfect day...

On Wednesday, Great Chief White Hair took the day off. It rained - well it absolutely chucked it down - as we packed a few things for Young Master's sleepover, and got ourselves ready for the day and evening. Got in the car, and drove to Mum's to pick up the wheelchair, and sister-in-law to drop off the sleepover stuff; then off to London.

The weather was perfect, a crisp autumn day with so many layers of clouds gadding across the sky on so many different levels, but all against a deep background of every blue imaginable. Looking through the sunroof it felt as though I could fall upwards into the deeps. The road was familiar, and urban, but nothing could be boring today.

We arrived at the O2 arena in good time for a very late 4.30 lunch. We chose Garfunkels from the many different choices, and although I tried to eat healthily, well it was a bit of a challenge! But we chose well, and it lasted us for the rest of the day.

After lunch, we went for a walk - well ok I was on the wheels! - and we did the circuit of the arena exterior. It was a real education - 12 ft high Norfok Reeds on the banks of the Thames in the heart of London? At least 4 different kinds of seagulls roosting and rooting together on the mud flats? The terraces in the river floor where the tide had dropped, the calmness of the scene which was heightened by the small craft and water taxis skimming along the river and not subverted either by the aircraft taking off from City Airport - all these seem to add to the perfection somehow. Sitting looking out across the river, feeling so very much at home in that way you do when something is incredibly familiar, yet so very strange and new at the same time. Listening to my idea of heaven - traffic, boats, planes, birds calling, the wind in the rushes, gulls arguing over a fish one has caught but another will eat, the lap of the water.

Well I know where I want to live when I win the lottery!

And then onwards and back inside for the Main Event. Being in a wheelchair does have its uses - early entry and being allowed into the VIP lounge being one of them! By now I was nervous, and excited, with that child's "is this really happening and am I really here?" butterfly flapping its way around my insides. When was the last time I looked forward to something this much, unconditionally, unhesitatingly, with my life-and-soulmate by my side? When was the last time we talked, non-stop, for what, 6 hours? And laughed so completely, so unaware, so uncluttered.

And then the band came on, and I stomped, banged, sang and sang, and it was just me and them and what, how many thousand other people (but they didn't matter). And laughed and smiled, and was joyous.

If you were to ask me what the meaning of true love is, I'd say it's when someone gives up their busy time to take you somewhere they don't particularly want to go, to see something they don't particularly want to see, without ever complaining that they will have to look after you even more than normal for days afterwards, and smiling and laughing, making it one of the best, most perfect days of your life.


  1. What a brilliant time, Jen. I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much!

  2. Thanks Joy! It was wonderful:o)