Wednesday, 17 November 2010

You *had* to be there...

She: Hello, Mrs Snow, this is x calling from Barclaycard, can I please take you through security?

Me: No - you rang me, you got my phone no from your records, and anyone pretending to be me would know my date of birth anyway.

She: But I have to make sure - for security

Me: But *you* rang *me* and I'm not going to give anyone who has rung *me* my security details over the phone.

She: But then I can't talk to you Mrs Snow!

Me: Well then there's no point having this conversation, is there? Are you going to tell me why you've rung, or not?

She: I'm sorry, I cannot divulge that information.

Me: So you're not going to tell me why you've rung me?

She: I'm sorry, I cannot divulge that information.

Me: Ok, then to whom do I make a formal complaint about the number of times you've been told not to ring me?

She: I'm sorry, I cannot divulge that information.

Me: Let's be utterly clear - you have rung me and won't tell me what you're calling me about? Well let's end this silliness shall we? Goodbye.

You really couldn't make it up...

Is it me or has security gone mad? I mean, if you suspected that you weren't speaking to the person you'd rung, you surely wouldn't ask for something as freely available as a date of birth, would you? Inside leg measurement, BMI, or date of last cervical smear maybe - but date of birth?

What really bugs me about this particular organisation is that they ring my mobile for a total of 3 rings and then hang up. How many people *not* expecting a call, answer their mobiles in that time? Not me for sure. And with mobility and hand problems, I doubt I will even when I'm sitting on the damn thing waiting for it to ring. No, they just want the missed call to be logged so that their poor unsuspecting vict errr customers will ring back. I refuse to give personal information out on incoming calls. There has to be *some* perks in getting older, and I want to be that old woman on the bench telling everyone she's 98 and making damned rude personal remarks :)


  1. I wish I were as quick off the mark as you {grin}

  2. Good girl ... stand up to the wretched people who let the computer ring you and leave you hanging on the other end, or refuse to tell you why they've called you, can't divulge that information then threaten you with dire consequences unless they do talk to you ... so tell me what it's about then ... oh no we can't divulge that. I wish I'd had your presence of mind ...

  3. ROFLOL! Have had an absolute hoot reading through your blog Jen and yes I'm afraid I did go all the way back to the start because that's the kinda' girl I am! Thankfully your posts have been intermittent to say the least so it didn't take long and now I've joined your lickle fan club *grin* I'll be able to keep track of future ramblings, observations and rants etc ... whenever you choose to ramble, observe and rant =)
    ANYWAY ...
    I must ... must ... MUST remember to employ this tactic to deal with the condescending faceless voices on the other end of the line, who call my home uninvited, invade my privacy, (usually just as we're sitting down to eat), and demand to know personal information about me that even hubby doesn't know!
    Cooo ... sorry about the long reply ... think this might qualify as a mini-rant LOL!

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