Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Fare thee well, 2013

And so the year ends and another begins.

What did 2013 mean for me?  I can't remember most of it; it's gone, and hopefully left me a better being.

What do I hope for from 2014?  That everyone out there finds the meaning of true love - the love that comes with inner peace; with that acceptance of self that, in my generation at least, was guilt-tripped out of us; and that stems from looking outwards.  That is my meaning of true love; without it, giving love to others is worthless - why would someone give a gift to someone else if they rejected its inherent value?

Success and failure are just two sides of action.  If I have failed, it means that I've tried; and I reject the idea that to try but not succeed, is failure.  It's not.  Doing nothing, saying nothing, passing by and not trying to give of oneself - that's the only true failure I can think of.

2013 was a mixed year.  It's had its lows and even lowers; but it has cemented so many relationships, brought my friends so many new family members, human and otherwise; and some of my friends have lost family or friends, human or otherwise.  The pain and the joy are likewise two sides of the same coin - they mean that love has been shared.    To think of someone, positively or negatively, is to bestow a gift on them - the time and effort to generate that thought.

And so another year is born.  Long live the New Year, its hopes and dreams, its fears and torments, its strengths and its weaknesses.  My hope just for me is that I have the wisdom to shape it for good, and to resist those forces inside and outside that would shape it in any other way.

May 2014 bless you with love, whoever you are and wherever you may be.

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