Monday, 16 April 2012

And to cap it all...

Yup still not a bag.

In advance of a visit to a very dear and absolutely lovely friend at the weekend, I decided to raid my stash and found thingummy riches in the sock yarn department. So in the interests of having a go at something else new, I plumped for a lovely Ravelry beret pattern called Wasabi Hat.

The pic above is of an hour's work, and while the pastel colours have washed out a bit, this helps to show the stitch definition and simply lovely floral motifs. I'm hoping to adapt the pattern for matching gloves and socks, but as a spring knit am not too fussed. Incidentally, given the lace pattern, the stitch marker indicates the first needle rather than the beginning of the round. I find this works fine for me.

Hey ho.

In other knews, Kerbaceous Kabbage the Krump (aka Kerbie) has arrived. Here is Kerbie at home, and fully loaded. Big big thanks to Great Chief White Hair for all his efforts in providing a secure home and kerbway for him/her. In fact that sums up a problem: Kerbie definitely is gender-free but also definitely not an it. Hmmm.

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  1. Oooh - how exciting, my dear . . . Very smart indeed. And I LOVE the hat-to-be! Such pretty colours!
    J x