Monday, 16 April 2012

Putting the proverbial in it.

Clearly these are not a bag. These are socks. My latest little project thanks to Ravelry - a combination of Socks for Christy and Donyale. SfC are knitted toe-up - a first for me - and Donyale features a 4-row 5-stitch pattern that complements the lovely rainbow randoms of the Regia Bamboo sock yarn. Extremely comfy, and just a tad on the long side - I'll need to make them about 4 rows shorter for a perfect fit next time.

Incidentally the weird cuffs visible in the pic of the pair is simply because my sock forms (aka a cut-up pair of 60p mouse mats) are a little bit too short. The single pic gives a better idea of the finished sock as worn.

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