Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Hourses for Corses

Today I am obsessed with Virago Meridian. Well no, not really; but I do tend to go to enormous lengths to justify spending money - sometimes. My phone (Sago) is hopelessly slow, has an appallingly small memory and sends quite small texts as multiples. I do miss my wuvely Samsung! but sadly can no longer text with it - and what is a phone for if not for texting and taking pics? Talking? Me? On a phone? I think not.

It's a kind of phobia apart from anything else. Based on my Revenue days, when a phone ringing might mean a little old lady in need of someone to talk to, who maybe hasn't spoken to another human being this past fortnight - well it was my job to be that human being, and to my management's great and everlasting credit, they would actively encourage such use of business time and money. Or it could bring death threats, you pays your money... So apart from the few who were out to fiddle, there were so so many lives I touched, and can I say it was in a good way? I hope for some it was. So I have huge emotional issues with phones.

And then there's my hands. Swollen and knobbly and painful because I haven't done enough knitting lately. Too much D S! Actually not enough energy to knit, poor me. So it's tricky trying to press buttons, and speak to someone in a normal tone of voice when my hands are hurting and shaking with the effort of holding the phone up. Ah well such is life!

So I accosted some poor youth in one of the mobile shops this evening. Big Chief Whitehair had come home with his own version of poorly hands (which puts my pathetic examples to shame) and I helped him collect Young Master from The Academy, and he ran me into town to accost same poor youth. I walked into the store, to see a - gaggle? google? nah, slouch of some dozen or so teens - or so they seem to my bitterly ageing eyes - who fell silent and watched me with a degree of horror in their eyes as I sticked my way across the store. It was quite funny really. I was very aware of greasy hair, unmake-up and slouchy clothes - for once I wasn't wearing my slippers hehe - and I just looked back at them, shrugged my shoulders, and said "Anyone?"

This poor youth came and helped me as I examined some new mobiles for arthriti-textability. I found some lovely phones, and he did his best to help, and was extremely patient with me. If only twere not for the internet discounts, I would have given him the sale - but I guess I'm as greedy as the next consumer. I came away empty-handed - not having even taken a handbag or purse with me. I could have offered a tissue in payment, clean of course, but decided not to. After all I might have to go back in there one day.

But that's only half the sad sorry tale. I need a new internet provider, and cable is looking attractive. Butternut charges me an arm and a leg for phonecalls, Supersupreme just about doubled my broadband charges in one month, so why not go to someone who can do both, and throw in Discover Channel on top? Hmmmm...

So I went to enormous lengths to cost up the benefits. Such lengths in fact, that I've still only done half the job; and now all I can think of is Virago Meridian, and whether B C W-H's hard earned cash will be safe in their hands. He thinks I'm obsessing; it's true I am. And this is where I came in.

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