Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Don't tsk me. I've been busy!

Well and so I have. I've been studying (haha) and knitting; I've been poorly, attended OUSA Conference, been poorly, had a poorly mum, and am poorly again. Oh so what, that's life. But there are good....ish reasons for not having blogged for a while.

I've got a very respectable pass mark for my studying, which makes me very happy as studying has not been too successful in recent years. But mostly I'm pleased with my crafting results, which won't bear scrutiny from designer types, but which make me happy :o). If I can work out how to, I'll put photos in - ooo another first!

I decided in November last year that I would create individual gifts for certain teachers who have really and truly, repeatedly if not daily, put themselves out to nurture DS through some difficult times at school. I could have gone to the local, rather lovely, boutique of all things different, but instead wanted to knit something that said "thank you" in every stitch. Not having the brains or finance to buy books, I trawled the web for free sites, my favourite being Knitting Pattern Central, and found patterns for the projects. I can't do individual credits at this stage, as if I manage to put the photos on it will be a minor miracle; however these were all sourced free of charge, and all found through KPC. So I hope I'm not breaking copyright. I started off with one for a male teacher, DT. He's looked after DS through thick and thin since he joined Juniors, and ended up as his class teacher in Year 6. OK so it's a bit twee giving a bloke knitted lace, so I did it in variegated blue (cue screams of sexual stereotyping please!) cotton which I bought on Ebay from Paraguay for almost no money at all. Incredible value, 1000m balls, and I've used about half of one. I'm tempted to knit myself something with what remains, tho I'll probably have to double it up to get somewhere near a 4-ply thickness. Anyway the finished item appears at the top. It looks a bit off-circular because of the colour variations in the cotton, but these actually enhance the flounces in the lace pattern.

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