Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Part Deux

Ok so I got a photo in successfully, doesn't mean I know how to do it with 3! I had trouble with DT's (yeah haha) because I didn't know how to crochet, and it calls for a scalloped crochet edging. Nevertheless I taught myself to create almost consistent chains by the simple expedient of undoing them over and over again until they looked right. Then my beautiful sister came over for a holiday and did the rest for me! Suffice to say, all three table centres took rather longer than anticipated, allowing for nights when I was simply too shattered doing nothing all day to pick any knitting up; so the gifts are a tad on the late side. Nevertheless, here is PR's gift. PR and I were at primary school together, and worked for a while as dinner ladies when I was still fit enough to do so. Since then, she looked after DS during lunch breaks, breakfast clubs, and always had an eye open for him when he needed intervention. He really misses her. This is knitted in pastels, the same cotton and the same source as the blue one, but with spring tones. Again I have loads left over. Although I blocked this round, thank goodness the shape of it has come through. This was the first bit of blocking I'd ever done, more on that later! I left the crocheting for this one until after I'd finished the third gift, and am very pleased I did - the extra practice ironed out the tension gremlins, I gained in confidence and discovered that omitting the dcs and just using slip stitch stopped the doily from pinching at the edges. Otherwise it would have looked awful.

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